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Welcome to our blog-site:  Perhaps you’ve already read a post like Jim Anderson’s The Case for Feature Driven Development.  Or perhaps this post is the impetus for your first visit? Regardless, you should know that the site includes more than blog posts.  Introducing the Return on Intelligence Free Library – its open 24×7.

You are invited to visit and contribute content, comments and questions as often as you like. There are currently 200 links in the library.  It has doubled since it opened in July.  The materials are from a wide array of sources covering topics from Lean, Innovation and Disruption, through Security, Wearables and Smart Machines, to each element of I-SMAC. If you want to read something a bit off the beaten path, but interesting and useful nonetheless, read (and watch) Leadership Lessons from the Dancing Guy.

Free Library

If you have material that is relevant to technology, its transformative potential or impact, we’d like to have it. You can simply put a link or a set of links into a comment at the bottom of this post or any post.  Or, the most desirable method is to use the link at the top of the library shown below:

Free Library

Please make use of this and similar links to add to the shared resource.  The resource will be richer the more contributions we get from more people, each with their unique view into what may be useful.  Whether you contribute or not please use the Return on Intelligence Free Library.  Whether you start an investigation there, or end there on the off chance there’s something you missed, it will be available.

Doug Brockway
Partner, Management Consulting/Research Institute
Return on Intelligence, Inc.

PS – and do use the comments fields to let us know what you think.

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