The Research program at Return on Intelligence has three main themes.  Central is the use of cross-industry, multi-client working groups to either define the answer to a new challenge or opportunity or work through the optimal ways to take action with the knowledge embedded in the answer.  Working Groups combine periodic working sessions, client-by-client analyses, and semi-annual conferences on and in-group publication of research findings.

We also augment multi-client research with targeted research for interested clients.  Thirdly, periodically we analyze existing data and/or create new information via survey, to quantify and validate assumptions and knowledge about issues we and our clients face.

The Current Subject Matter Agenda for Research and Thought Leadership Includes:

  • The Internet of Everything
    • General, cross-industry: uses, value, approach, methods and technologies
  • Social Technologies and Thought Process Optimization
    • Examining quantum leaps in cycle-time and decision quality enabled by IoE, Analytics, Mobility and other influences
  • Analytics in a Big Data World
    • Sense Making and Outcome-based Questions
    • Defining the value, the approach, the methods and technologies
  • Next Generation Mobility
    • Deep integration to core applications infrastructures
    • Economics of the UX
    • Internet of Everything driving post-human mobility apps
  • Designing, measuring and Managing a Cloud-based infrastructure
  • The Total Cost of Transformation
    • Measuring and describing the value, costs and risks of transformations
    • Do so in an era of hyper-fast Big Bang Disruptions

If you would like to suggest a research topic or find out more about our research events please complete the contact form below and we’ll be in touch:

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