Two of the salient aspects of Mobile technologies are their upbiquity and their astonsighing speed to critical mass adoption in the marketplace.  These characteristics make mobility central to the disruptive capability of i-smac solutions.

Central to the leverage of i-smac solutions is the ability to move quickly and to take advantage of the constantly expanding variety of devices, device types, and locations where business can and will be done.

The ever-shortening mobile technology adoption cycle creates opportunities through wholesale “disruptions” of markets, modes of competition, products and their underlying technologies. And, with each new cycle the raw numbers of devices that are used to connect leaps by an order of magnitude (Top Mobile Internet Trends – Meeker).

Tech adoption rates - Meeker

The varieties of disruptions, their scales, and the speed of their arrival and passing, lead to questions of governance, investment decision-making, and strategy formulation. Smart companies are examining how and where to place their big bets and which bets can wait for another day.  By examining mobility within an i-smac framework companies are able to avoid confusion and diffusion of effort and put the variety to work to strategic effect.

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