By any and all measures the amount of data that is available for use has been growing at a stupendous pace and that growth is accelerating.  To some degree this is an acceleration of data accumulation from “traditional” automation, to a large degree it is the result of IoE inputs and outputs and the data created through the very act of big-data analysis. It is the harnessing, analysis and use of this data that is the core engine of I-SMAC.

For all organizations this data represents a tantalizing opportunity to know more about customers, competitors, markets and pricing and so much more.  Using these data and related analyses decisions can be made and actions taken that transform businesses.

Meeker on Data Growth and Sources


The path to harvesting these opportunities does not lie in brute force.  The volume and variety of data is growing faster than our ability to take advantage of data at scale.  The winning line involves understanding the linkages between strategic vision and purpose, through “action oriented questions” to the data that are and can be made available.

Outcome oriented questions - Energy

Return on Investment is defining and leveraging these linkages today to transform industries from insurance to pharmaceuticals.  We combine strategic visioning with stage-gate-based lean start-up frameworks and Rapid Solutions techniques to describe, test, and revise analytic and decisioning platforms at pace.

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